Travel Guide: Amsterdam

It didn’t take long for me to fall in love with Amsterdam… from the cobblestone streets and narrow alleyways with sparkling lights streamed overhead to the beautiful canals around every corner, it’s hard not to fall in love with this quaint city. It truly is one of the most special and most romantic cities I have ever visited.

Where To Eat

The food is to die for!!! You really can’t go wrong, but I think we definitely hit the perfect spots.

Café de Pijp

This omelet was insane!!! Hands down the best omelet in the world.

{Omelette • Bacon, Tomato, Cheese}

I am a huge apple pie fan and this apple pie was definitely top 5 of the best apple pies I have ever had. A must try for sure!!!

{Apple Pie}

Casa De David

Adorable, romantic Italian spot!! The pasta is outstanding, as well as the service.

{Spaghetti Bolognese}

Crepes & Waffles

The perfect quick, delicious dessert spot. These are conveniently located basically on every corner.

{White Chocolate Waffle • Strawberries + Chocolate Bar}

Café George

Also a great, delicious meal. Was obviously in the mood for spaghetti this weekend.

{Meatball Pasta}

Pancake Amsterdam

Located right next to the Anne Frank Museum this place is legit. we definitely ate the most delicious pancakes we have ever had. We were so full from all the delicious food we had consumed over the weekend that these Poffertjes were the perfect size to fill us up but not make us hate ourselves afterward.

{Poffertjes • Raspberry Sauce}

What To See & Do

The Moco Museum

The Moco Museum is the coolest museum, that features the iconic artwork of several different Street artists, such as Bansky. This museum is definitely worth the visit if you enjoy Street art and deeper meaning work from artists like Banksy.


Van Gogh Museum

This was incredible!!! It was so surreal to experience the talented Van Gogh’s beautiful artwork up close.


A’Dam Lookout

This was CRAZY!!!! If you are afraid of heights, I suggest you do NOT sign up to do the swing. It definitely felt like you were leaping off of a skyscraper. SO SCARY!! But so fun!!! The building is super cool and has a great bar, which I suggest hitting up before the swing.

TIP: BUY TICKETS AHEAD OF TIME! IF YOU ARE ALSO WANTING TO DO THE HEINEKEN EXPERIENCE I SUGGEST PURCHASING THE “ROCK THE CITY – START AT LOOKOUT PACKAGE” — Unique Combination Deal: LOOKOUT Entrance Ticket (+ swing if you’re brave) + Canal Cruise + Heineken Experience Entrance Ticket.”

I definitely recommend going to the bar before doing the swing!! This drink helped a lot!!

Heineken Experience

AMAZING!!! A must-do in Amsterdam for sure!!! We took a canal tour from the A’Dam Lookout to the Heineken Experience and along the canal tour, we, of course, enjoyed a couple bottles of Heineken. Through the Heineken Experience, you learn the history of the company and how each bottle is made. With your ticket, you get to enjoy two free & freshly brewed bottles of Heineken.

{En route to Heineken Tour}

Anne Frank Museum

So unbelievable. It is impossible not to get emotional. It is truly amazing and a must do in Amsterdam. I still cannot get over that we were in the same exact house the Frank Family was hiding in when the Nazis invaded the Netherlands in 1940. Anne Frank hid in the Secret Annex for 761 days. Just before they went into hiding Anne received a diary for her thirteenth birthday which she described her daily life in the Secret Annex as well as wrote short stories. Anne’s father Otto was the only one from the Secret Annex to survive the war and was the one to publish Anne Frank’s diary. People all over the world were introduced to Anne’s story and in 1960 the Secret Annex became a museum.

The diary Anne receives for her thirteenth birthday.

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